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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2000

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11   Chapter: An Empirical Assessment of Kernel Type Performance for Least Squares Support VEctor Machine Classifiers
B. Baesens, S. Viaene, T. van Gestel, J. Suykens, G. Dedene, B. de Moor, J. Vanthienen in: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems & Allied Technologies (KES'2000) (2000), p. 313-316
12   Chapter: Wrapped Feature Selection by means of Guided Neural Network Optimisation
B. Baesens, S. Viaene, J. Vanthienen, G. Dedene in: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2000) (2000), p. 113-116
13   Article: The Future of Financial Reporting in Europe: Its Role in Corporate Governance
C.R. Baker, Ph. Wallage in: The International Journal of Accounting Education and Research, Vol. 2 (2000), p. 173-187
14   Article: Integrale theorievorming ver te zoeken
H.M.J.H. Banens in: Holland Management Review, Vol. 70 (2000), p. 63-73
15  download 56011 Dissertation: Koersvorming in Context. Het VOC-onderzoek naar de dynamiek van strategievorming
H.M.J.H. Banens (2000), p. 262 + 149
16   Article: An Econometric Analysis of Voluntary Contributions: The Random Effects, Two Limit, P-Tobit Model
N.O. Bardsley, P.G. Moffatt in: CREED Working Paper (2000)
17   Article: Control Without Deception: Individual Behaviour in Free-Riding Experiments Revisited
N.O. Bardsley in: CREED Working Paper (2000)
18   Article: Interpersonal Interaction and Economics Theory: The Case of Public Goods
N.O. Bardsley in: Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Vol. 71 (2000), p. 1-37
19   Article: The Bond of Society
N.O. Bardsley, R. Sugden in: UEA Papers in Philosophy, Vol. 10 (2000)
20   Article: Designing Fiscal and Monetary Institutions for a European Monetary Union
R.M.W.J. Beetsma, A.L. Bovenberg in: Public Choice, Vol. 3/4 (2000), p. 249-269