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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 1999

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391   Article: Multichoice logit: modeling incomplete preference rankings of classical concerts
H. van Ophem, P.J.A. Stam, B.M.S. van Praag in: Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Vol. 17 (1999), p. 117-128
392   Article: A General Method to Estimate Correlated Discrete Random Variables
J.C.M. van Ophem in: Econometric Theory (1999), p. 228-237
393   Chapter: Modelling for sustainable forest use
K.T. Parker, C.J. Jepma in: Integrated protected area management (1999), p. 209-235
394   Article: Achieving Mass Customization Through Postponement: A Study of International Channels
E. Peelen, R.I. van Hoek, H.R. Commandeur in: Journal of Market Focused Management, Vol. 3 (1999), p. 353-368
395   Chapter: Alliances, outsourcing and networking: managing the challenge of new business forms
E. Peelen in: Strategic Issues at the dawn of a new millennium (1999), p. 229-241
396   Book: De Marketing Balanced Scorecard
E. Peelen, P. Waalewijn, S. Wijnia (1999), 250 p.
397   Book: De relatiegerichte organisatie, toepassing van hybride marketing kanalen en informatiesystemen binnen de juiste strategisch en organisatorische context
E. Peelen (1999), 63 p.
398   Article: De relatiegerichte organisatie: toepassing van hybride communicatiekanalen en informatiesystemen
E. Peelen in: Tijdschrift Management & Informatie, Vol. 7 (1999), p. 36-47
399   Chapter: Dienstenmarketing
E. Peelen in: Marketing Lexicon (1999), p. 393-407
400   Chapter: Collusive trade credit and stabilization policy in transition
E.C. Perotti in: Capital markets in emerging economies, Central and Eastern Europe (1999)