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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 1999

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331   Article: Where reductions count: A quantile regression analysis of the effects of class size on scholastic achievement
J.D. Levin in: Scholar working paper series (1999)
332  download 14722 Report: Firms, human capital and productivity: Matched establishment comparisons.
H.A.M. van Lieshout (1999)
333   Chapter: Flexicurity en opleidingsmarkten.
H.A.M. van Lieshout, A.A.G. van Liempt in: Naar een nieuwe rechtsorde van de arbeid? (1999), p. 109-147
334   Article: De vermogenskostenvoet van ondernemingen en de moderne financieringstheorie
J.E. Ligterink, A. Schmeits in: MAB, Vol. 73 (1999), p. 196-206
335  download 472694 Dissertation: A Strategic Paradigm: Linking Marketing and TQM in Higher Educational Institutions
L. Lin (1999)
336   Article: On the null space of a Colin de Verdiere matrix
L. Lovasz, A. Schrijver in: Annales de l'Institut Fourier (1999), p. 1017-1026
337   Article: Mechanical Rationality: Jevons and the Making of Economic Man
H.B.J.B. Maas in: Studies in history and philosophy of science. Pt. A, Vol. 30 (1999), p. 587-619
338   Article: Of Clouds and Statistics: inferring causal structures from the data
H.B.J.B. Maas in: Research Memoranda in History and Methodology of Economics - UvA-FEE, Vol. 99 (1999)
339   Article: Pacifying the Workman: Ruskin and Jevons on Labor and Popular Culture
H.B.J.B. Maas in: History of political economy, Vol. Ann. Supp. (1999), p. 85-120
340   Report: Calculating the value of life by an income evaluation approach
H. Maassen van den Brink, W.J.N. Groot, E. Plug (1999)