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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 1998

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71   Article: ERMR: A generalised Equivalent Random Method for overflow systems with Repacking
R.J. Boucherie, S.C. Borst, O.J. Boxma in: CWI Report, Vol. PNA-R9817 (1998)
72   Article: Mobiel onbereikbaar
R.J. Boucherie in: Natuur en Techniek, Vol. 66 (1998), p. 58-61
73   Article: Norton's equivalent for batch routing queueing networks with indepedently routing customers
R.J. Boucherie, M. Stewart in: Communication in Statistics - Stochastic Models, Vol. 14 (1998), p. 1091-1112
74   Article: Norton's equivalent for queueing networks comprised of quasireversible components linked by state-dependent routing
R.J. Boucherie in: Performance Evaluation, Vol. 32 (1998), p. 83-99
75   Article: On closed support T-invariants and the traffic equations
R.J. Boucherie, M. Sereno in: Journal of Applied Probability, Vol. 35 (1998), p. 473-481
76   Article: On the arrival theorem for queueing networks operating under a just-in-time protocol
R.J. Boucherie in: Performance Evaluation, Vol. 34 (1998), p. 109-121
77   Article: On the structure of the space of product-form models
R.J. Boucherie, N. Bayer in: CWI Report, Vol. PNA-R9806 (1998)
78   Article: Stochastic network analysis of cellular mobile networks
R.J. Boucherie in: Proceedings Symposium wiskunde Toegepast, Vol. 16 april (1998)
79   Article: String transition networks with mixed vector additions and vector deletions
R.J. Boucherie, X. Chao in: AE-report, Vol. 2/98 (1998)
80   Article: Uniformization for I-positive Markov chains
R.J. Boucherie, E.A. van Doorn in: Communication in Statistics - Stochastic Models, Vol. 14 (1998), p. 171-186