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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 1997

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61   Article: Asymptotic evaluation of blocking probabilities in a hierarchical cellular mobile network.
R.J. Boucherie, S.C.J. Verwijmeren, M. Mandjes in: AE-report, Vol. 10/97 (1997)
62   Article: On the arrival Theorem for Product form queueing Networks with Blocking.
R.J. Boucherie, N.M. van Dijk in: Performance Evaluation, Vol. 29 (1997), p. 155-176
63   Article: On the quasi-stationary distribution for queueing networks with defective routing.
R.J. Boucherie in: Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, Vol. Series B (1997), p. 454-463
64   Chapter: On the transition matrix of Markov chains obtained via cyclic mappings.
R.J. Boucherie in: Ten years LNMB. Ph.D research and graduate courses of the Dutch Network of Operations Research. CWI Tract 122. (1997), p. 115-120
65   Article: Uniformization for l-positive Markov chains.
R.J. Boucherie, E.A. van Doorn in: Memorandum - Univ. Twente-Faculteit der Toegepaste Wiskunde, Vol. No.1380 (1997)
66   Article: Lucas and artificial worlds
M. Boumans in: History of Political Economy, Vol. 29 (1997), p. 63-88
67   Article: Built-in Justification.
M.J. Boumans , Vol. 97/2 (1997), p. 1-37
68   Article: Lucas and artificial worlds.
M.J. Boumans in: History of political economy, Vol. 29 (1997), p. 63-68
69   Book editorial: Flowing into the next millennium. Economic development along China's Yangtze River.
L. van Breugel, E. Holwerda, M. Peeters, R. Schondorff, J.H.J.P. Tettero (1997)
70   Chapter: Models of complexity in economics and finance.
W.A. Brock, C.H. Hommes in: System dynamics in economic and financial models. (1997), p. 3-41