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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 1997

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321  download 2741 Report: Partners contribute more to public goods than strangers.
C. Keser, F.A.A.M. van Winden (1997)
322   Chapter: A Comparative Analysis of Daily Time Use and the Development of an Activity-Based Traveller Benefit Measure.
R. Kitamura, A.I.J.M. van der Hoorn, F. Wijk in: Activity-Based Approaches to Travel Analysis. (1997), p. 171-188
323   Report: Degrees of Freedom Adjustment for Disturbance Variance Estimators in Dynamic Regression Models.
J.F. Kiviet, G.D.A. Philips (1997)
324   Article: Exact tests in single equation autoregressive distributed lag models
J.F. Kiviet, J-M. Dufour in: Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 80 (1997), p. 325-353
325   Chapter: Distorted Beef Markets and Regional Livestock Trade in West Africa: Experience from the Central West African Corridor.
A.K. Klaasse Bos, P.Q. van Ufford in: Sustainable Food Security in West Africa. (1997), p. 252-263
326   Article: Convex approximations for simple integer recourse models by perturbing the underlying distributions.
W.K. Klein Haneveld, L. Stougie, M.H. van der Vlerk in: AE-report, Vol. 3/97 (1997)
327   Article: Convex simple integer recourse models.
W.K. Klein Haneveld, L. Stougie, M.H. van der Vlerk in: AE-report, Vol. 8/97 (1997)
328   Chapter: On Fisher's information matrix of an ARMA process.
A.A.B. Klein, P.J.C. Spreij in: Stochastic Differential and Difference Equations. (1997), p. 273-284
329   Article: Bancaire hervormingen in Polen.
P.J.T. Kolfschoten, L.J.R. Scholtens in: Bank- en Effectenbedrijf, Vol. 46 (1997), p. 30-33
330   Article: De meerwaarde van Internet
A. Kolk in: Source. Tijdschrift voor verantwoord ondernemen, Vol. 4 (1997), p. 64-65