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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 1996

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101   Article: A note on monotonicity for performability models
N.M. van Dijk in: Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, Vol. 96 (1996), p. 299-310
102   Article: Altijd in de verkeerde rij
N.M. van Dijk in: Natuur en Techniek (1996), p. 10-21
103   Article: An approximate solution and error bound for a discrete time queue with simultaneous servicing
N.M. van Dijk in: European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 96 (1996), p. 289-298
104   Article: An experimental analysis of steady state convergence in simple queueing systems: Implications for flexible manufacturing system models
N.M. van Dijk, R.P.A. Nuyens, L.N. Wassenhove, E. Yucesan in: Simulation Practice and Theory, Vol. 4 (1996), p. 1-29
105   Article: Analytic comparison results for communication networks
N.M. van Dijk in: Report AE, Vol. 96 (1996)
106   Article: On a queueing network model for cellular mobile telecommunications networks
N.M. van Dijk, R.J. Boucherie in: Report AE, Vol. 96 (1996)
107   Article: On an extended use of an error bound theorem for comparing Markov chains
N.M. van Dijk, M. Miyazawa in: Report AE, Vol. 96 (1996)
108   Article: On uniformization for reducible nonnegative dynamic systems
N.M. van Dijk, K. Sladky in: Report AE, Vol. 96 (1996)
109   Article: Prestatie-evaluatie van 'Call Centra'
N.M. van Dijk in: Report AE, Vol. 96 (1996)
110   Article: Simple performance bounds for production lines with finite capacities
N.M. van Dijk in: Production Planning and Control (1996), p. 20-24