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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 1995

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191   Article: ICA 95
M.J. Goovaerts in: Actuaris, Vol. 3 (1995), p. 2-4
192   Article: Ontwikkelingen in het schadeactuariaat
M.J. Goovaerts in: Atheneum Illustre, Vol. 4 (1995), p. 13-16
193   Report: Determinants and wage effects of participation in on- and off-the-job training
W. Groot, H. Oosterbeek (1995)
194   Report: The incidence and wage effects of incentive pay
W. Groot (1995)
195   Report: The incidence and wage effects of incentive pay
W. Groot, H. Oosterbeek (1995)
196   Report: Allocation and the returns to overeducation in the United Kingdom
W.J.N. Groot, H. Maassen van den Brink (1995)
197   Chapter: Het individu en zijn vrouw: economie en feminisme
S.S. Gustafsson, H. Maassen van den Brink in: Feminisme en wetenschap (1995)
198   Article: Links between early childhood programs and maternal employment in three countries
S.S. Gustafsson, F. Stafford in: The Future of children, Vol. 5 (1995), p. 161-173
199   Chapter: Public policies and women's labor force participation
S.S. Gustafsson in: Investment in women's human capital (1995), p. 91-112
200   Chapter: Single mothers in Sweden: Why is poverty less severe?
S.S. Gustafsson in: Poverty, inequality and the future of social policy, Western states in the new world order (1995), p. 291-325