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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 1994

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21  download 15303 Article: Deterministische chaos: grenzen aan voorspelbaarheid
C.H. Hommes in: Rostra economica, Vol. 200 (1994), p. 12-15
22  download 15296 Article: Dynamics of the cobweb model with adaptive expectations and non-linear supply and demand
C.H. Hommes in: Journal of economic behaviour and organization, Vol. 24 (1994), p. 314-335
23   Chapter: Periodic, quasi-periodic and strange, chaotic attractors in Hicks' non-linear trade cycle model
C.H. Hommes in: Predictability and nonlinear modelling in natural sciences and economics (1994), p. 591-598
24   Article: Opportunities and threats for car restraint in inner cities
A.I.J.M. van der Hoorn, E. van Kesteren in: Rooilijn, Vol. 94 (1994), p. 375-380
25   Book: Ordering of actuarial risks
R. Kaas, A.E. van Heerwaarden, M.J. Goovaerts (1994), 144 p.
26   Article: Asymptotic consequences of neglected dynamics in individual effect models
J.F. Kiviet, I.T. van den Doel in: Statistica Neerlandica, Vol. 48 (1994), p. 71-85
27   Article: Bias assessment and reduction in linear error-correction models
J.F. Kiviet, G.D.A. Phillips in: Journal of econometrics, Vol. 63 (1994), p. 215-243
28   Article: Structure and dynamics in econometrics (editors' introduction)
J.F. Kiviet, H.K. van Dijk in: Journal of econometrics, Vol. 63 (1994), p. 1-5
29   Report: The formulation of a political economy perspective for international environmental politics
A. Kolk (1994)
30   Article: Additive conjoint measurement for multiattribute utility
A. Maas, P.P. Wakker in: Journal of mathematical psychology, Vol. 38 (1994), p. 86-101