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ACTA - 2011

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131  download 482988 Article: The structure of common fears: comparing three different models
A. de Jongh, F.M.D. Oosterink, J.M. Kieffer, J. Hoogstraten, I.H.A. Aartman in: The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 124 (2011), p. 141-149
132  download 451664 Article: Usefulness of a trauma-focused treatment approach for travel phobia
A. de Jongh, M. Holmshaw, W. Carswell, A. van Wijk in: Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Vol. 18 (2011), p. 124-137
133   Book: Vraagbaak EMDR: oplossingen en tips voor EMDR-behandelingen
A. de Jongh, E. ten Broeke (2011), 240 p.
134   Article: Reduced contraction stress formation obtained by a two-step cementation procedure for fiber posts
L.A. Jongsma, N. de Jager, C.J. Kleverlaan, A.J. Feilzer in: Dental Materials, Vol. 27 (2011), p. 670-676
135   Article: Rapid attachment of adipose stromal cells on resorbable polymeric scaffolds facilitates the one-step surgical procedure for cartilage and bone tissue engineering purposes
W.J. Jurgens, R.J. Kroeze, R.A. Bank, M.J.P.F. Ritt, M.N. Helder in: Journal of Orthopaedic Research, Vol. 29 (2011), p. 853-860
136   Article: Effect of chewing upon disc reduction in the temporomandibular joint
S. Kalaykova, F. Lobbezoo, M. Naeije in: Journal of orofacial pain, Vol. 25 (2011), p. 49-55
137   Article: Risk factors for anterior disc displacement with reduction and intermittent locking in adolescents
S.I. Kalaykova, F. Lobbezoo, M. Naeije in: Journal of orofacial pain, Vol. 25 (2011), p. 153-160
138   Article: The development of a dental diagnostic terminology
E. Kalenderian, R.L. Ramoni, M.E. Schoonheim-Klein, P.C. Stark, N.S. Kimmes, G.G. Zeller, G.P. Willis, M.F. Walji, J.M. White in: Journal of Dental Education, Vol. 75 (2011), p. 68-76
139   Article: A comprehensive study on the role of the Yersinia pestis virulence markers in an animal model of pneumonic plague
W.E. Kaman, S. Hawkey, D. van der Kleij, M.P. Broekhuijsen, N.J. Silman, F.J. Bikker in: Folia microbiologica, Vol. 56 (2011), p. 95-102
140   Article: Peptide-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer protease substrates for the detection and diagnosis of Bacillus species
W.E. Kaman, A.G. van Hulst, P.T.W. van Alphen, S. Roffel, M.J. van der Schans, T. Merkel, A. van Belkum, F.J. Bikker in: Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 83 (2011), p. 2511-2517