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ACTA - 2008

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321   Article: PatiĆ«nten die langdurig spoelen met Halita of 2 weken spoelen met 0,2% chloorhexidine krijgen aanslag op hun gebitselementen: wat is er aan te doen om dit te voorkomen?
G.A. van der Weijden, N.A.M. Rosema in: MondhygiĆ«nisten Vademecum, Vol. 6 (2008), p. 1-2
322   Article: Patients with oral cancer developing from pre-existing oral leukoplakia: Do they do better than those with de novo oral cancer?
M. Weijers, I. ten Hove, R.H.B. Allard, D.P.B. Bezemer, I. van der Waal in: Journal of oral pathology & medicine, Vol. 37 (2008), p. 134-136
323   Article: Paracetamol for pain relief after surgical removal of lower wisdom teeth
K. Weil, L. Hooper, Z. Afzal, M. Esposito, H.V. Worthington, A.J. van Wijk, P. Coulthard in: Australian Dental Journal, Vol. 53 (2008), p. 184-185
324   Article: The effect of a separate consultation on anxiety levels before third molar surgery
A. van Wijk, J. Lindeboom in: Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology and endodontics, Vol. 105 (2008), p. 303-307
325   Article: Clonal stability of Porphyromonas gingivalis in untreated periodontitis
A.J. van Winkelhoff, M.C. Rijnsburger, U. van der Velden in: Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol. 35 (2008), p. 674-679
326   Article: Evidence-based care and the curriculum
T. Winning, I. Needleman, M. Rohlin, A. Carrassi, B. Chadwick, K. Eaton, K. Hardwick, R. Ivancakova, R.L. Jallaludin, D. Johnsen, J.G. Kim, D. Lekkas, D. Li, D. Onisei, A. Pissiotis, P. Reynolds, I. Tonni, J. Vanobbergen, R. Vassileva, J. Virtanen, P.R. Wesselink, N. Wilson in: European Journal of Dental Education, Vol. 12 (2008), p. 48-63
327  download 141808 Chapter: Invisalign: self-straightening? A clinical report as an introduction to Invisalign
F. de Winter in: New trends in knowledge and skills: proceedings of the 11th International Orthodontic Study week : 19-21 April 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2008), p. 83-101
328   Article: Bisphenol-A and lingual retainer bonding materials
F.R. de Winter in: American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Vol. 134 (2008), p. 465-465
329   Article: New directions in old leakage methods ... - Response
M.K. Wu in: International endodontic journal, Vol. 41 (2008), p. 721-723
330   Article: Time-variant nature of sleep bruxism outcome variables using ambulatory polysomnography: implications for recognition and therapy evaluation
J. van der Zaag, F. Lobbezoo, C.M. Visscher, H.L. Hamburger, M. Naeije in: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, Vol. 35 (2008), p. 577-584