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ACTA - 2008

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181   Chapter: Susceptibility
B.G. Loos, U. van der Velden, M.L. Laine in: Clinical periodontology and implant dentistry: 5th edition (2008), p. 328-346
182   Article: Mannose-binding lectin gene polymorphisms in relation to periodontitis
A. Louropoulou, U. van der Velden, T. Schoenmaker, A. Catsburg, P.H.M. Savelkoul, B.G. Loos in: Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol. 35 (2008), p. 923-930
183   Article: Effects of different kinds of fluorides on enolase and ATPase activity of a fluoride-sensitive and fluoride-resistant Streptococcus mutans strain
C. van Loveren, M.A. Hoogenkamp, D.M. Deng, J.M. ten Cate in: Caries Research, Vol. 42 (2008), p. 429-434
184   Article: Influence of collagen type II and nucleus pulposus cells on aggregation and differentiation of adipose tissue-derived stem cells
Z.F. Lu, B. Zandieh Doulabi, P.I. Wuisman, R.A. Bank, M.N. Helder in: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Vol. 12 (2008), p. 2812-2822
185   Article: ß1 integrins regulate chondrogenesis and rock signaling in adipose stem cells
Z.F. Lu, B. Zandieh Doulabi, C.L. Huang, R.A. Bank, M.N. Helder in: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol. 372 (2008), p. 547-552
186   Article: Effect of Veillonella parvula on the antimicrobial resistance and gene expression of Streptococcus mutans grown in a dual-species biofilm
S.B.I. Luppens, D. Kara, L. Bandounas, M.J. Jonker, F.R.A. Wittink, O. Bruning, T.M. Breit, J.M. ten Cate, W. Crielaard in: Oral Microbiology and Immunology, Vol. 23 (2008), p. 183-189
187   Article: Human antimicrobial peptide histatin 5 is a cell-penetrating peptide targeting mitochondrial ATP synthesis in Leishmania
R.J. Luque-Ortega, W. van 't Hof, E.C.I. Veerman, J.M. Saugar, L. Rivas in: The FASEB Journal, Vol. 22 (2008), p. 1817-1828
188   Article: The anion exchanger Ae2 is required for enamel maturation in mouse teeth
D.M. Lyaruu, A.L.J.J. Bronckers, L. Mulder, P. Mardones, J.F. Medina, S. Kellokumpu, R.P.J. Oude Elferink, V. Everts in: MATRIX BIOL, Vol. 27 (2008), p. 119-127
189   Article: The effect of fluoride on enamel and dentin formation in the uremic rat incisor
D.M. Lyaruu, A.L.J.J. Bronckers, F. Santos, R. Mathias, P. Denbesten in: Pediatric nephrology, Vol. 23 (2008), p. 1973-1979
190   Article: Stopadvies aan rokende patiënten: haalbaar in de tandartspraktijk?
I.T.H.M. Maassen, J.E. Jacobs, A.J.M. Plasschaert, R.H.B. Allard, G. Schattenberg, S.R. Hilberink in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde, Vol. 115 (2008), p. 460-465