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ACTA - 2005

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171   Article: The role of preoperative prophylactic antibiotic administration in periapical endodontic surgery: a randomized, prospective double-blind placebo-controlled study
J.A.H. Lindeboom, J.H.W. Frenken, P. Valkenburg, H.P. van den Akker in: International endodontic journal, Vol. 38 (2005), p. 877-881
172   Report: Effects of BruxStop on nocturnal masticatory muscle activities: protocol for a randomized clinical trial
F. Lobbezoo, M. Naeije (2005)
173   Article: Use of the Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders for multinational research: Translation efforts and reliability assessments in The Netherlands
F. Lobbezoo, M.K.A. van Selms, M.T. John, K. Huggins, R. Ohrbach, C.M. Visscher, J. van der Zaag, M.J. van der Meulen, M. Naeije, S.F. Dworkin in: Journal of orofacial pain, Vol. 19 (2005), p. 301-308
174   Article: The effect of combined cyclic mechanical stretching and microgrooved surface topography on the behavior of fibroblasts
W.A. Loesberg, X.F. Walboomers, J.J.W.A. van Loon, J.A. Jansen in: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, Vol. 75 (2005), p. 723-732
175   Article: A brief overview of animal hypergravity studies
J.J.W.A. van Loon, E. Tanck, F.A. van Nieuwenhoven, L.H.E.H. Snoeckx, H.A.A. De Jong, R.J. Wubbels in: Journal of gravitational physiology, Vol. 12 (2005), p. 5-10
176   Report: DESC Annual report 2004. 'Dutch Experiment Support Center (DESC)' NWO-SRON project MG-057
J.J.W.A. van Loon (2005)
177   Article: Seeds-in-Space education experiment during the Dutch Soyuz mission, DELTA
J.J.W.A. van Loon, J. Wamsteker, K.A.P. Weterings in: Journal of gravitational physiology, Vol. 12 (2005), p. 213-214
178   Article: Host-derived diagnostic markers for periodontitis: do they exist in gingival crevice fluid?
B.G. Loos, S.T.S. Tjoa in: PERIODONTOLOGY 2000, Vol. 6 (2005), p. 53-72
179   Article: Identification of genetic risk factors for periodontitis and possible mechanisms of action
B.G. Loos, R.P. John, M.L. Laine in: Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol. 6 (2005), p. 159-179
180   Article: Systemic markers of inflammation in periodontitis
B.G. Loos in: Journal of Periodontology, Vol. 76 (2005), p. 2106-2115