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Publication list

ACTA - 2004

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261   Article: Microbiological evaluation of dental unit water systems in general dental practice in Europe
J.T. Walker, D.J. Bradshaw, M. Finney, M.R. Fulford, E. Frandsen, E. Ostergaard, J.M. ten Cate, W.R. Moorer, A.J. Schel, A. Mavridou, J.J. Kamma, G. Mandilara, L. Stosser, S. Kneist, R. Araujo, N. Contreras, P. Goroncy-Bermes, D. O'Mullane, F. Burke, A. Forde, M. O'Sullivan, P.D. Marsh in: European Journal of Oral Sciences, Vol. 112 (2004), p. 412-148
262   Article: Molar incisor hypomineralization (MIH): clinical presentation, aetiology and management
K.L. Weerheijm in: Dental Update, Vol. 31 (2004), p. 9-12
263   Article: Western industralised countries optimistic picture from the beginning of the 20th century
K.L. Weerheijm in: European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, Vol. 5 (2004), p. 59-60
264   Article: High and low brushing force in relation to efficacy and gingival abrasion
G.A. van der Weijden, M.F. Timmerman, P.A. Versteeg, M. Piscaer, U. van der Velden in: Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol. 31 (2004), p. 620-624
265   Article: Implantaten en parodontitis
G.A. van der Weijden in: De Tandartspraktijk, Vol. 25 (2004), p. 61-62
266   Article: Plaque removal by professional electric toothbrushing compared with professional polishing
G.A. van der Weijden, M.F. Timmerman, M. Piscaer, Y. IJzerman, U. van der Velden in: Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol. 31 (2004), p. 903-907
267   Article: Symposium Osteology Foundation
G.A. van der Weijden in: De Tandartspraktijk, Vol. 25 (2004), p. 15-16
268   Article: The status of the deep surgical margins in tongue and floor of mouth squamous cell carcinoma and risk of local recurrence; an analysis of 68 patients
M. Weijers, G.B. Snow, P.D. Bezemer, J.E. van der Wal, I. van der Waal in: International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Vol. 33 (2004), p. 146-149
269   Chapter: Tooth resorption
P.R. Wesselink in: Endodontics. Third edition (2004), p. 261-268
270   Article: Paired comparisons of sensory pain adjectives
A.J. van Wijk, J. Hoogstraten in: European Journal of Pain, Vol. 8 (2004), p. 293-297