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ACTA - 2004

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241   Article: Radiographic examination of the temporomandibular joint using cone beam computed tomography
K. Tsiklakis, K. Syriopoulos, H.C. Stamatakis in: Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology, Vol. 33 (2004), p. 196-201
242   Article: Quantitative light induced fluorescence: a diagnostic tool for longitudinal oral health assessment
M.H. van der Veen in: Journal of Marmara University Dental Faculty, Vol. 5 (2004), p. 429-434
243   Article: No fly zone
J.S.J. Veerkamp in: British Dental Journal, Vol. 197 (2004), p. 61-62
244   Chapter: Point of view: health policy requirements and decision makers expectations; Caries risk assessment
J.S.J. Veerkamp in: Selecting essential oral health indicators in Europe. Report of the consensus workshop (2004), p. 19-21
245   Chapter: The development of the extended youth consultation
J.S.J. Veerkamp in: European global oral health indicators development project (2004), p. 93-98
246   Article: Reactive oxygen species play no role in the candidacidal activity of the salivary antimicrobial peptide histatin 5
E.C.I. Veerman, K. Nazmi, W. van 't Hof, J.G.M. Bolscher, A.L. den Hertog, A. van Nieuw Amerongen in: Biochemical Journal, Vol. 381 (2004), p. 447-452
247   Article: EACD Open Meeting Amsterdam, October 4-6, 2002
L.A.M. Verhagen, M. Ossentjuk, F. Lobbezoo, A. de Wijer, M.H. Steenks in: Journal of orofacial pain, Vol. 18 (2004), p. 165-166
248   Article: Assessment of pain by the child, dentist, and independent observers
J. Versloot, J.S.J. Veerkamp, J. Hoogstraten in: Pediatric Dentistry, Vol. 26 (2004), p. 445-449
249   Article: Children's coping with pain during dental care
J. Versloot, J.S.J. Veerkamp, J. Hoogstraten, L.C. Martens in: Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, Vol. 32 (2004), p. 456-461
250   Article: Dental Discomfort Questionnaire: predicting toothache in preverbal children
J. Versloot, J.S.J. Veerkamp, J. Hoogstraten in: European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, Vol. 3 (2004), p. 170-173