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Publication list

ACTA - 2004

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161   Article: Variation in daily masticatory muscle activity in the rabbit
G.E.J. Langenbach, T. van Wessel, P. Brugman, T.M.G.J. van Eijden in: Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 83 (2004), p. 55-59
162   Article: La remineralization des lesions carieuses (2), synergies therapeutiques.
J.J. Lasfargues, J.M. ten Cate, C. Miller in: REAL CLIN, Vol. 15 (2004), p. 261-274
163   Article: Immediate Occlusal Loading (IOL) of dental implants: predictable results
R.J. Lazzara, T. Testori, A. Melzer, C. Misch, S. Porter, R. del Castillo, R.J. Goene in: PRACT PROCED AESTHET DENT, Vol. 16 (2004), p. 3-15
164   Article: The effectiveness of syringe irrigation and ultrasonics to remove debris from simulated irregularities within prepared root canal walls
S.J. Lee, M.K. Wu, P.R. Wesselink in: International Endodontic Journal, Vol. 37 (2004), p. 672-678
165   Article: The efficacy of ultrasonic irrigation to remove artificially placed dentine debris from different-sized simulated plastic root canals
S.J. Lee, M.K. Wu, P.R. Wesselink in: International Endodontic Journal, Vol. 37 (2004), p. 607-612
166   Article: Evaluation of endodontic files in digital radiographs before and after employing three image processing algorithms
G. Li, G.C.H. Sanderink, U.S. Welander, W.D. McDavid, K. Nasstrom in: Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology, Vol. 33 (2004), p. 6-11
167   Article: Binding of salivary agglutinin (SAG) to IgA
A.J.M. Ligtenberg, F.J. Bikker, J.M.A. de Blieck Hogervorst, E.C.I. Veerman, A. van Nieuw Amerongen in: Biochemical Journal, Vol. 383 (2004), p. 159-164
168   Article: Apicale endodontische chirurgie
J.A.H. Lindeboom in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde, Vol. 111 (2004), p. 146-151
169   Chapter: De dualistische rol van kauwgom in de orale kinesiologie
F. Lobbezoo, A.M. Lobbezoo-Scholten in: HET TANDHEELKUNDIG JAAR 2005 (2004), p. 220-230
170   Article: Een tandheelkundige discipline in beweging. Orale Kinesiologie
F. Lobbezoo in: Nederlands Tandartsenblad, Vol. 59 (2004), p. 28-29