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Publication list

ACTA - 2004

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91   Article: Viable osteoblastic potential of cortical reamings from intramedullary nailing
J.P.M. Frolke, J. Klein Nulend, C.M. Semeins, F.C. Bakker, P. Patka, H.J.Th.M. Haarman in: Journal of Orthopaedic Research, Vol. 22 (2004), p. 1271-1275
92   Report: Wear and Roughness of Estelite S, Estelite Medium Flow, Tetric Ceram,Tetric Flow and Z250 in the ACTA Wear Machine
A.J. de Gee, A. Werner (2004)
93   Report: Wear of Ceram X mono, Ceram X duo, Artemis Dentin, Z250 and Filtek Supreme in the ACTA Wear Machine
A.J. de Gee, A. Werner (2004)
94   Report: Wear of RD94, Z100 and Z250 in the ACTA Wear Machine
A.J. de Gee, A. Werner (2004)
95   Report: Wear of URIDENT acetal molar cap materials determined with the ACTA wear machine
A.J. de Gee, A. Werner (2004)
96   Article: An efficient filling algorithm for counting regions
W.G.M. Geraets, A.N. van Daatselaar, J.G.C. Verheij in: COMPUT METH PROG BIO, Vol. 76 (2004), p. 1-11
97   Article: Cervicale ranula
T.W. Geurts, H.P. van den Akker, A.J.M. Balm in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde, Vol. 148 (2004), p. 388-391
98   Article: Changed morphology and mechanical properties of cancellous bone in the mandibular condyles of edentate people
E.B.W. Giesen, M. Ding, M. Dalstra, T.M.G.J. van Eijden in: Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 83 (2004), p. 255-259
99   Article: Radiation doses of indirect and direct digital cephalometric radiography.
F. Gijbels, G.C.H. Sanderink, J. Wyatt, J. van Dam, B. Nowak, R. Jacobs in: British Dental Journal, Vol. 14 (2004), p. 149-152
100   Article: Subjective image quality of digital panoramic radiographs displayed on monitor and printed on various hardcopy media
F. Gijbels, G.C.H. Sanderink, H. Pauwels, R. Jacobs in: Clinical Oral Investigations, Vol. 8 (2004), p. 25-29