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ACTA - 2001

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281   Article: Confocal microscopy study of undisturbed and chlorhexidine-treated dental biofilm
E. Zaura, J. van Marle, J.M. ten Cate in: Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 80 (2001), p. 1436-1440
282   Chapter: Studies on the dental plaque biofilm
E. Zaura, J.M. ten Cate in: Biofilm community interactions: chance or necessity? (2001), p. 153-162
283   Article: The CICERO system for CAD/CAM fabrication of full-ceramic crowns
J.M. van der Zel, S. Vlaar, W.J. de Ruiter, C.L. Davidson in: Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, Vol. 85 (2001), p. 261-267
284   Article: Histology of human alveolar bone regeneration with a porous tricalcium phosphate. A report of two cases
I.R. Zerbo, A.L.J.J. Bronckers, G.L. de Lange, G.J. van Beek, E.H. Burger in: Clinical Oral Implants Research, Vol. 12 (2001), p. 379-384
285   Article: Mass properties of the pig mandible
F. Zhang, G.E.J. Langenbach, A.G. Hannam, S.W. Herring in: Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 80 (2001), p. 327-335
286   Article: The influence of resin composite and bonded amalgam restorations on dentine permeability in Class II cavities in vitro
A.R. Özok, A.J. de Gee, M.K. Wu, P.R. Wesselink in: Dental Materials, Vol. 17 (2001), p. 477-484