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Publication list

ACTA - 1996

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61   Article: Cell-bound and extracellular matrix-associated alkaline phosphatase activity in rat periodontal ligament
M.C. Groeneveld, T. van den Bos, V. Everts, W. Beertsen in: Journal of periodontal research, Vol. 31 (1996), p. 73-79
62   Article: Loss of attachment in the marginal periodontium of the rat incisor under non-inflammatory conditions. Expression of alkaline phosphatase activity
M.C. Groeneveld, V. Everts, W. Beertsen in: Journal of periodontal research, Vol. 31 (1996), p. 66-72
63   Book: Dissertaties in de tandheelkunde 1947-1995
L.L.M.H. Habets, L.J.H. Hofman, W. Beertsen (1996), 69 p.
64   Article: Covariance structure analysis in experimental research: Comparing two word translation models
J.G. Hell, P. Oosterveld, A.M.B. de Groot in: Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, Vol. 28 (1996), p. 491-503
65   Article: Protein composition of whole and parotid saliva in healthy and periodontitis subjects. Determination of cystatins, albumin, amylase and IgA
Y.M.C. Henskens, P.A.M. van den Keijbus, E.C.I. Veerman, G.A. van der Weijden, M.F. Timmerman, C.M. Snoek, U. van der Velden, A. van Nieuw Amerongen in: Journal of periodontal research, Vol. 31 (1996), p. 57-65
66   Dissertation: Craniomandibular border characteristics of orofacial pain
J.R. Hesse (1996)
67   Article: Craniomandibular stiffness in myogenous and arthrogenous CMD patients and control subjects: a clinical and experimental investigation
J.R. Hesse, M. Naeije, T.L. Hansson in: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, Vol. 23 (1996), p. 548-554
68   Article: Difference in dental treatment plan and planning for drug-addicted and non-drug addicted patients
G. ter Horst, G. Molendijk, E Brouwer, J.G.C. Verhey in: Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, Vol. 24 (1996), p. 120-3
69   Article: The effect of periodontal treatment on periodontal bacteria on the oral mucous membranes
M.M. Jansen - Danser, M.F. Timmerman, A.J. van Winkelhoff, U. van der Velden in: Journal of periodontal research, Vol. 23 (1996), p. 478-485
70   Article: De onheilspellende prelude van nieuwe verschrikkingen
A. de Jongh in: Tijdschrift gezondheidsvoorlichting, Vol. 13 (1996), p. 22-25