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download uvapub:159791 artikel: Angular variation of the magnetoresistance of the superconducting ferromagnet UCoGe
T.V. Bay, A.M. Nikitin, T. Naka, A. McCollam, Y.K. Huang, A. de Visser in: Physical Review B, Vol. 89 (2014), p. 214512-
download uvapub:157754 artikel: Competing interactions in semiconductor quantum dots
R. van den Berg, G.P. Brandino, O. El Araby, R.M. Konik, V. Gritsev, J.S. Caux in: Physical Review B, Vol. 90 (2014), p. 155117-
download uvapub:159773 artikel: Valence modulations in CeRuSn
R. Feyerherm, E. Dudzik, K. Prokeš, J.A. Mydosh, Y.K. Huang, R. Pöttgen in: Physical Review B, Vol. 90 (2014), p. 041104(R)-
download uvapub:159065 artikel: Probing the stability of the spin liquid phases in the Kitaev-Heisenberg model using tensor network algorithms
J.O. Iregui, P. Corboz, M. Troyer in: Physical Review B, Vol. 90 (2014), p. 195102-
download uvapub:156510 artikel: Kitaev spin models from topological nanowire networks
G. Kells, V. Lahtinen, J. Vala in: Physical Review B, Vol. 89 (2014), p. 075122-
download uvapub:156507 artikel: Hierarchy of exactly solvable spin-1/2 chains with so (N)_I critical points
V. Lahtinen, T. Mansson, E. Ardonne in: Physical Review B, Vol. 89 (2014), p. 0144091-
download uvapub:156504 artikel: Perturbed vortex lattices and the stability of nucleated topological phases
V. Lahtinen, A.W.W. Ludwig, S. Trebst in: Physical Review B, Vol. 89 (2014), p. 085121-
download uvapub:159898 artikel: Direct bandgap silicon quantum dots achieved via electronegative capping
A.N. Poddubny, K. Dohnalová in: Physical Review B, Vol. 90 (2014), p. 245439-
download uvapub:159049 artikel: Resonating-valence-bond superconductors with fermionic projected entangled pair states
D. Poilblanc, P. Corboz, N. Schuch, J.I. Cirac in: Physical Review B, Vol. 89 (2014), p. 241106(R)-
10  download uvapub:159895 artikel: Microscopic origin of nonlinear non-affine deformation in metallic glasses
A. Zaccone, P. Schall, E.M. Terentjev in: Physical Review B, Vol. 90 (2014), p. 140203(R)-