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download uvapub:159592 article: Significant Enhancement of Neutralino Dark Matter Annihilation from Electroweak Bremsstrahlung
T. Bringmann, F. Calore in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 112 (2014), p. 071301-
download uvapub:159897 article: Shear banding of colloidal glasses: Observation of a dynamic first order transition
V. Chikkadi, D.M. Miedema, M.T. Dang, B. Nienhuis, P. Schall in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 113 (2014), p. 208301-
download uvapub:159044 article: Competing States in the t-J Model: Uniform d-Wave State versus Stripe State versus Stripe State
P.R. Corboz, T.M. Rice, M. Troyer in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 113 (2014), p. 046402-
download uvapub:160672 article: Sliding Friction on Wet and Dry Sand
A. Fall, B. Weber, M. Pakpour, N. Lenoir, N. Shahidzadeh, J. Fiscina, C. Wagner, D. Bonn in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 112 (2014), p. 175502-
download uvapub:160782 article: Nonuniversality in the Pinch-Off of Yield Stress Fluids: Role of Nonlocal Rheology
N. Louvet, D. Bonn, H. Kellay in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 113 (2014), p. 218302-
download uvapub:158254 article: Local orientational order in liquids revealed by resonant vibrational energy transfer
M.R. Panman, D.J. Shaw, B. Ensing, S. Woutersen in: Physical review letters, Vol. 113 (2014), p. 207801-
download uvapub:158161 article: Dissecting Soft Radiation with Factorization
I.W. Stewart, F.J. Tackmann, W.J. Waalewijn in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 114 (2014), p. 092001-
download uvapub:158534 article: Quenching the Anisotropic Heisenberg Chain: Exact Solution and Generalized Gibbs Ensemble Predictions
B. Wouters, J. De Nardis, M. Brockmann, D. Fioretto, M. Rigol, J.-S. Caux in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 113 (2014), p. 117202-
download uvapub:156888 article: Eley-Rideal Reactions with N Atoms at Ru(0001): Formation of NO and N-2
T. Zaharia, A.W. Kleyn, M.A. Gleeson in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 113 (2014), p. 053201-
10  download uvapub:147525 article: Measurement of Z boson production in Pb-Pb collisions at √s NN = 2.76 TeV with the ATLAS detector
G. Aad, . et al, R. Aben, S. Bentvelsen, A.P. Colijn, P. de Jong, L. de Nooij, A.D. Doxiadis, H. Garitaonandia, D.A.A. Geerts, M. Gosselink, M.S. Kayl, E. Koffeman, H. Lee, F. Linde, J. Mahlstedt, J. Mechnich, I. Mussche, J.P. Ottersbach, P. Pani, M. Rijpstra, N. Ruckstuhl, M. Tsiakiris, R. van der Geer, R. van der Leeuw, E. van der Poel, I. van Vulpen, J.C. Vermeulen, M. Vreeswijk in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 110 (2013), p. 022301-