Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I archive my publication in the Digital Academic Repository of the UvA?

A wide range of digital publications can be submitted to UvA-DARE: articles, theses, dissertations, books, book chapters, preprints etcetera. In general, it is policy to submit documents in PDF.

For further information on submitting documents, please consult the contact person for your faculty, institute or department. In this phase of UvA-DARE, these are:

If your faculty, department or institute is interested in joining UvA-DARE, please contact the Digital Production Centre of the University Library of the University of Amsterdam (dare@uva.nl).

Which organisations are involved in this national and international network?

In the Netherlands all universities and KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) participate in the national DARE project that is setting up the Dutch part of this network. Internationally the number of universities that are participating in this international network of information services is growing strongly.

A selection:

Institutional repositories


Australian National University - publications
Monash University - publications
University of Melbourne - publications
University of Queensland - publications


Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien - publications


Université Laval - dissertations


Humboldt University Berlin - publications
Universität Dortmund - publications
University Duisburg-Essen - dissertations
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - publications ; dissertations


National University of Ireland Maynooth - publications


Università degli Studi di Trento - publications


Universiteit van Amsterdam - publications ; dissertations
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - dissertations
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam - publications
Universiteit van Tilburg - publications
Universiteit Utrecht - dissertations


University of Oslo - dissertations


Lund University - publications
Universities of Stockholm, Södertörn, Umeå, Uppsala and Örebro - publications


CERN - publications

United States

University of California - publications
California Institute of Technology (CalTech) - publications
Louisiana State University - dissertations
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - publications
Virginia Tech - dissertations

Subject repositories

arXiv.org e-Print archive (Physics)

Research Papers in Economics

How will my publications be preserved for the long term via the Digital Academic Repository of the UvA?

Through the national DARE initiative, a co-operative project in which all Dutch universities, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), SURF, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Royal Library (KB) participate, arrangements will be made to preserve electronic publications for the long term. It is the intention that these publications will be deposited via the university repositories in the e-Depot of the Royal Library. The Royal Library is an international leader in the area of long term preservation of digital publications. During the DARE project (2003-2007) the necessary connections will be made between the Digital Academic Repository of the UvA and the e-Depot of the KB.

Where is my personal publication list and how can I link to it?

With the Browse option for authors you can see your publication list by looking for your own name. You can link to your publication list with http://dare.uva.nl/author/lastname,initial(s). When there are more than one initial, they must be separated with periods.
For example:

dare.uva.nl/author/groenendijk,j. Publications for J. Groenendijk.
dare.uva.nl/author/benthem,j.f.a.k.van Publications for prof.dr J.F.A.K. van Benthem.

Where is the publication list of my institute or department and my faculty?

With the Browse option for faculities you can see your faculty or deprtement/institute publication list by looking for your faculty name and then select your institute/department name. You can link to these publication lists with the url's provided on the page, for example:

dare.uva.nl/en/fee Publications for the Faculty of Economics and Econometrics (fee).

Which services are offered by the Digital Academic Repository of the UvA?

How do I decide whether to make one of my publications completely available to others?

You can make your publication world-wide available without any special arrangements in these cases:

Sometimes an agreement has been signed with a publisher which only allows a working paper or preprint to be made public available through an archive. Usually these are allowed to remain publicly available after publication in the journal.

If an agreement has been signed in which the author has transferred all rights on the publication, then the publisher must be contacted. Regrettably, this situation occurs regularly, especially when dealing with the large, commercial publishing houses. It is therefore important to consider carefully before signing away one's rights fully and one-sided, given the effect of these agreements on the availability of publications.

How do bibliographical records about my publications become available in this network?

The Digital Academic Repository of the Universiteit van Amsterdam complies with the requirements of the Open Archives Initiative so that bibliographical records (metadata) can be harvested from the repository and indexed in a variety of information systems. As a result, metadata about UvA publications can be found in other databases.

Where are bibliographical records about my publications to be found?