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Record: oai:ARNO:172723

AuthorsJean-Luis Moreau, Rene Brion
TitleFrom AG to Fortis.
PublisherAmsterdam University Press
ImprintAmsterdam University Press
InstituteAUP (Amsterdam University Press)
AbstractThe development of the insurance industry in Belgium at the start of the nineteenth century cannot be dissociated from the fundamental social and economic changes which were then taking place in the country: the start of the industrial revolution, which went hand in hand with a great financial evolution, and the transition from the class-based state of the Ancien Regime to a 'contractual' state, with the mercantile middle classes holding the power. One of the first insurance companies in the Southern Netherlands, the Maatschappij van Algemene Verzekeringen (General Insurance Company), AG for short, was set up in 1824 by a group of Brussels capitalists led by the banker Jacques Coghen. In this new study Rene Brion and Jean-Louis Moreau examine the growth of the AG group from its inception until today. An important chapter is reserved for the developments of the last ten years, and more specifically for the capital role which AG, now Fortis (B), plays in the project of the 'great Belgian bank', after the takeover and merger of the ASLK and the Generale Bankmaatschappij. From AG to Fortis (1824-1999) deals with the history of the oldest and most important insurance company in Belgium and with it the history of the Belgian insurance industry. With its brilliant and often unexpected illustrations it also gives the reader a picture of the development of demographics, mathematics, medicine, technology and also, of course, economic evolution. Rene Brion and Jean-Louis Moreau are members of the Vereniging voor de Valorisatie van Bedrijfsarchieven (Association for the Assessment of Company Archives) and authors of several studies on economic history and industrial archaeology, including the company monographs of Tractebel, Fabrimetal and the Generale Maatschappij van Belgie.
Document typeBook